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On the last week of july I was planning my move from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Orange, California where I was to move to be a live in nanny/baby sitter and change my life for the better.

I was extremely unhappy living in Albuquerque with my sister, the house is a mess and my sister and I do not get along. I felt like a prisoner in my own home, I was even scared to leave the house because I would get locked out and fear she wouldn’t let me back in. It was a hostile environment and I knew I couldn’t take anymore time living with her. I found a job in Orange, CA as a live in nanny/babysitter with an extremely nice family and jumped at it. As soon as my parents tipped off my sister that I was moving, my sister became frantic.

On sunday, two days before I was planning on moving, I got a call from my mom insisting I leave the house that very moment that she was going to wire me money to walmart as emergency money for the road. I was blocking the driveway with my uhaul so I realize now my mother was working with my sister to get me to move out of the way so she could leave. In the 10 mins I was gone my sister made her escape. She ran off taking my dog Bella and her dog. At first I thought nothing of it, until hours later late at night she still wasn’t home.. at that time I then got numerous texts from my sister and an email explaining that she was not going to be coming home and had taken my dog and I would not be allowed to take her with me. She stole my dog.

I called the police and charges were pressed against her but we don’t know where she is, so the dog was never returned to me. Instead of waiting around a month for her to come and lose my opportunity, I made a hard decision to leave behind my dog and make the trip to California. 14 hours later I arrived to a wonderful family and have been settling in nicely in my new home. The only thing missing is my dog. As of now, my sister still has not been home - although numerous of my neighbors are instructed to tell me and the police the moment they see her car back home. She will be charged and prosecuted for the theft, but more importantly to me - I want to be reunited with my dog.

Bella is like a child to me, I love her more than anything in the world and this is the most painful thing anyone has ever done to me. It’s sad that my sister chose to be malicious and hateful, but now I have to deal with it.

My sister is expected to come home at the end of the month, at this time she will be charged and as soon as she’s home with the dog I would be able to take the dog and leave. My problem is now that I do not have the money to make a return trip to new mexico and back home here in california with my dog.

I need your guy’s help to make this happen! I need help making the trip back to new mexico and then the return trip with my dog back to california as well as the extra bills for vet certified able to fly paper work and extra fees for taking dogs etc.
I’m hoping to raise $800 to cover all these expenses by the end of the month in time to return home and get my dog and possibly attend court to charge my sister for the theft.

This dog means so much to me and it really means a lot to me if you can pitch in anything.. anything will help. If you’re an animal lover you know the pain I must be going through. This dog is my world and to have someone who is supposed to be family try to take that from you to be malicious and because they don’t want to see you move on and be happy is a horrible thing. Moving has been the best decision of my life and the only thing missing is my baby girl Bella.

Thank you to all who help me and can help get other people to contribute to my cause!

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My sister has returned home much sooner than I had anticipated. Police were dispatched and saw my dog but she refused to answer the door. Until she opens it, or leaves the house with my dog so they can take it there is nothing they can do unless I’m physically there in person and can escort them in to help me take my dog.

My only option now is to get there as soon as I can. Tickets last minute are so expensive! I was able to find flights for next week at just under $450 not including the return cargo pet carrier fee of $150 and buying a pet carrier to transport her in. Everything else should be paid for, so right now I only need about $600 to get me there and back… I’ve already raised $100 from this post but that’s not enough to get me there and back.. It would mean so much if you guys can help me now as little as you can or signal boost the crap out of this post to help find people who can help if you can’t.

Nothing means more to me then getting back my princess Bella, and it’s killing me to think I won’t get her back if I can’t get there in time. I’m scared my sister will jump at any opportunity to run away with her again. Please help anyway you can so I can get there ASAP before she tries anything else!! Please guys I beg of you right now this is soooo important to me.


Booked a flight thanks to donations! I do not have enough right now to cover the pet fee for return flight (it’s charged as checked baggage at the door) and vet fee to get a health certificate as well as airport parking. I need around another $200 to make this happen.. :(

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Forgetting I changed my Instagram name and confusing myself opps @jamothy_toast

Forgetting I changed my Instagram name and confusing myself opps @jamothy_toast